World exclusive exhibition


The Dinosaurs of China exhibition will tell the story of a dinosaur revolution.

New fossil discoveries in China over recent years have revolutionised our understanding of dinosaurs’ appearance, behaviour and evolution. We’ve hand-picked some of the most spectacular new fossils from China for this world exclusive exhibition, bringing them to Europe for the first time.

Dinosaurs of China will present some of the best preserved dinosaur fossils from anywhere in the world: not just the bones, but also soft parts including skin and feathers.

Many of the species on display are new to science, only discovered and named in the last 20 years, and some as recently as 2015. 

Some things never change: many dinosaurs were giant, scaly, ground-shakers. 

Some of the towering skeletons in the exhibition will be among the tallest ever seen in the UK.

However, this view of dinosaurs is now part of a more diverse picture. Many dinosaurs were tiny, some species had feathers, and a number of species even evolved flight. These feathered-flyers eventually evolved into birds. Birds are dinosaurs that learned how to fly.

Dinosaurs of China will feature:

  • 3D mounted skeletons
  • detailed replicas
  • original fossils

...and much more

We invite you to explore the evidence for yourself – you may never look at birds in the same way again!