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Can I bring my school on a trip?

Schools groups (18 or more students) welcome to take part in self-led trips of the exhibition. Places can be booked via the main ticket page with one free adult place / 6 children booked. 

School parties - under age 5 - FREE. 

School groups (18 or fewer students) email If your school group requires a coach space for the day, select this option when booking.

Our education team are running facilitated sessions suitable for Key Stage 1, 2 & 3; these will include ‘Mary Anning and her Fossils’, Darwin, Earth Science and Dinosaur Day.

To organise a facilitated session email

If you have any further requirements, contact

or email (Lakeside Arts).

Facilitated sessions

Please note that Facilitated Sessions now have very limited availability.

Suitable for Key Stage 1, 2 & 3 including:

  • Mary Anning and her Fossils! (KS1 / 2)
    Meet Mary Anning, the remarkable Victorian fossil collector and hear about her amazing life. Handle and identify fossil finds, and enter a world of strange sea creatures, dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles. Discover how fossils were formed millions of years ago and examine wonderful specimens from our collection.
  • Darwin in Colour (KS2 / 3)
    A hands-on session using amazing specimens to show colour in evolution including camouflage, warning colours and mimicry
  • Darwin and You! (KS2 / 3)
    Students work with some of impressive vertebrate skeletons and skulls and collections of top-quality replica hominid skulls as well as genuine archaeological and historical artefacts. Find out about the revolutionary theories of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace which astonished nineteenth century society.Students discover how species, particularly humans, have adapted and evolved through time on an ever-changing planet by looking in-depth at our own ancestors and their social as well as physical evolution.
  • Earth Science Dinosaur Day (KS3, 4 / 5)
    2 activities linked with a CREST award 
  • Understanding Fossils:Students work with our geology collection of rocks and fossils to
    understand the processes of sedimentation and fossilisation and the relevance of the fossil record to the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace. They also get to make their own fossil.
  • Design a Gallery
    Students work in groups - or individually - using the knowledge from the ‘Understanding Fossils’ session and interacting with the amazing Dinosaurs of China exhibition - to produce their own dinosaur gallery; including Palaeo Art work, and gain a CREST award


Facilitated sessions: £70 (Nottingham City schools) | £80 (non-City schools). Maximum class size of 30 available 10.30am -12noon or 1pm - 2.30pm.

To organise a facilitated session, email to check availability prior to booking your exhibition tickets. 

How to book

Telephone the Schools Programmes team on 0115 8761420.

For further information on the schools programme - or our object loans service Access Artefacts - visit the Nottingham Heritage website


We are unable to provide schools with a lunch space except for those attending a pre-booked facilitated session. In this instance, the area will be outdoors in a marquee, so please ensure adequate clothing is worn for the time of year. 

There is ample opportunity for picnics for large groups and to enjoy the setting of the deer park, so, do bring picnic blankets. Caution is advised when deer are grazing in proximity.

We are unable to store lunch bags and boxes for schools (except those attending a facilitated session). We advise that each child carries their own lunch in a rucksack. Ensure that where free school meals are provided, the lunches are distributed to each child prior to entering the hall as there is not space to do so inside. Alternatively, if your coach is parking on site, you could leave lunches on the coach for collection later.

Dinosaurs of China


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