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Chris Packham reviews us on Trip Advisor

The television presenter and naturalist has taken to the internet to tell others how good we are...

Among nearly 3000 reviews of our latest exhibition on Trip Advisor, there is one that is perhaps even a little bit more special. Chris Packham, the television presenter famous for Springwatch, The Really Really Wild Show and many others has taken to the internet to tell the world how good we are. Thanks Chris!

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Dino Explorer Zone

Have you visited the Dino Explorers Zone at Wollaton Hall yet?

Meet Hunter

As an exciting addition to Dinosaurs of China we have Hunter; an animatronic ‘Sinraptor’ which is also one of the specimens in the exhibition.

Competition time!

To celebrate the roar-some Dinosaurs of China exhibition, GreatBeanBags™ is giving away one giant slab bean bag featuring a child’s dream dinosaur as part of a competition that runs until September 30th.

The Guardian review our exhibition

The Guardian newspaper sent science reporter Susannah Lydon along to the opening weekend of our exhibition. 

LeftLion go Dinosaurs-tastic for their latest issue

Nottingham culture magazine LeftLion have devoted their latest cover to our exhibition 

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